Weserhütte SW 191

This sharp Weserhütte SW 191 stood in the area of Krumbach (DE) and was used to dig out sand with a large gravel content.

The SW 191 is actually not a real Weserhütte anymore, Weserhütte went bankrupt in 1986. From 1987 were, under the same branding, but in a factory of the ship yard Herman Sürken, new heavy duty cycle cranes developed and build. In 1994 was this production after another bankrupt ended. The SW 191 was built by Herman Sürken.

To power the hydraulic pumps is a Caterpillar D 3306-DI-7 responsible, a 6-cylinder watercooled diesel engine with a power of 162 kW (220 hp). As a lifting crane is is a 72 tonne crane.

The counterweight weights in total 14.15 tonnes, that exists out of three pars of 8.25, 3.9 and 2 tonnes. The counterweight has a 4.34 meter tailswing.

The undercarriage has a tracktor drive and is 5.27 meters long and 4.1 meters wide with the 60 centimeter wide tracks. For the transport over the road can the undercarriage width reduced to 3.3 meters by hydraulics. On the front side of the undercarriage is an attachment for an hydraulic casing oscilator.

The crane is fitted with 16.5 tonne winches. Here we can see the drag cable going through the fairlead to the cable drum.

The crane was fitted here with a 23 meter main boom, the boom is made out of steel angle profiles. Optionally a tubular boom was available to.

The Hendrix bucket has with this boom length a volume of approx. 1.5 cubic meters.

The crane has a maximum boom length of 52 meters. If the crane is used with this boom head section, the boom can be used to a 70 degree angle because else the hoist rope and hook would clash with the boom. The name of the previous user seems to be visible on the boom, but unfortunately I couldn't find any other information.

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