Terex AC 700 - Wagenborg

The Terex AC 700 of Wagenborg from Hengelo (NL) was used by Winder Limmen for a job in Alkmaar (NL). The crane would install precast concrete elements on a large radius, that were out of reach of the tower crane.

It is a 700-tonne crane on a 9-axle undercarriage. Packed has this crane a 20.7 meter length, a 3 meter breadth and a 4 meter height. The transport mass is around 108 tonnes.

The undercarriage is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 502 LA, a water-cooled 8-cylinder diesel engine with 653 hp. The crane has a 18 x 8 x 16 drive line, that means that four axles are driven and eigth axles are steerable.

The crane was fitted here with 100 tonnes of counterweight, that exists out of a 20-tonne base plate and eigth 10-tonne slabs. The maximum counterweight is 160 tonnes. The tailswing is 7.5 meters.

The outrigger base is 12.2 meters long, 12.4 meters wide (rear) and 11.6 meters wide (front). To reduce the transport mass are very often the outriggers removed by the AC 700.

The 5-part main boom has a 15.6 meter base length and a fully extended length of 60 meters. The crane is fitted here in HAVSSL configuration, with fixed jib and SSL boom guying.

The main boom is extended by a 30 meter fixed jib. The maximum length of the fixed jib is 50 meters.

The boom guying beams are each opened 30 degrees.

A sharp crane in the colors of Wagenborg!

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