Terex TC 2800-1 - Steil Kranarbeiten

Steil Kranarbeiten from Trier (DE) owns this sharp Terex TC 2800-1 that was parked during the weekend at the border near Venlo (NL). The crane erected a wind turbine before in the Netherlands.

It is a 600 tonne truck crane on an 8 axle crane carrier. During the transport over the road the crane is 17.95 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meters height. The transport mass is around 92 tonnes.

The undercarriage is powered by a DaimlerChrysler OM 502 LA, an 8 cylinder diesel engine with 646 hp. Four of the eight axles are driven and all axles are steerable. The superstructure is also powered by a DaimlerChrysler OM 502 LA, but with 530 hp only.

Between the first 5 and last 3 axles is the center part mounted. This is the central part of the crane carrier where the outriggers will be attached to and where the superstructure rotes against the undercarriage. The outriggers make an X shaped square with 14 or 10 (half base) meters. The outriggers have a 12.5 tonne weight (each) and are transported by truck.

During the transport over the road is the upper cabin slewed in front of the super structure.

In combination with the superlift boom has the main boom a maximum length of 138 meters and can be extended by a 12 meter fixed jib.

In the super structure are in total 3 large winches made with two 15.8 tonne hoist winches and a derricking winch for the main- or superlift boom.

Attached to the super structure is with a 14 x 14 m outrigger base maximum 160 tonnes of counterweight, existing out of a 20 tonne base plate with 14 slabs with each 10 tonnes. When the crane is working on half outrigger base (10 x 10 m) the counterweight can be increased to 200 tonnes. A maximum of 300 tonne counterweight can be attached to the superlift boom.

A very special crane!

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