Terex Superlift 3800 - Steil Kranarbeiten

The Steil company from Trier (DE) is owning at least 8 units of this Terex Superlift 3800 crawler crane. The cranes are mainly used by the assembly of wind turbines. The Terex Superlift 3800 is the succesor of the very popular Terex CC 2800-1, this is a 650 tonne crane.

The large crawler tracs of the crane are 11.34 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.74 meters heigh. The weight each is 42.4 tonnes in Qaudro execution (both sides with drive units). It is possible to mount additional outriggers to erect longer main booms without superlift boom.

New is also the bigger cab. Between the crawler carriers are 50 tonnes of lower weights mounted. The crane is 10.4 meters wide.

The assist crane is a 160 tonne Tadano, it can be seen behind the Terex. Below the boom foot of the main boom are two slewing drives mounted, between them the reeving winch to pull the heavy hoist rope over the main boom and to reefe the hooks. For the transport is it possible to split the upperstructure and crawler carrier, this is very easy beccause of the quick connection system. The superstructure weights 55.4 tonnes and the carrier 29.6 tonnes.

Driven is the crane by a 6 cylinder diesel engine of type 6R1300. The engine supplies 523 hp and five hydraulic pumps are driven with it.

Fitted with 165 tonnes of counterweight, laying is chairs of each 2.5 tonnes. The max. counterweight is 225 tonnes. The counterweight has a 8.45 meter tailswing.

The superlift counterweight was already attached to the crane because it would be disassembled the next day. Here is stacked 240 tonnes of counterweight, that is only required to erect and lay down the large main boom.

A detail of the boom head of the superlift, nice detail are the foldable railings along the walk-ways. The superlift is 36 meters long.

The crane was used by the erection of a wind turbine, wind turbines with an axle height of 170 meters can be erected by this crane! The crane is put up in LSL+LF_4 configuration with a 147 meter main boom and 12 meter fixed jib.

A detail of the short fixed 12 meter jib. A small runner is mounted on the tip, but here not in use.

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