Terex AC 500-2 - Scholpp

For the assembly of a new bridge over the high way A8 near Sindelfingen (DE) was Scholpp from Stuttgart (DE) using this Terex AC 500-2. The high way in direction Karlsruhe (DE) blocked. The crane was prepared on a nearby parking to shorten the set-up time on the high way.

The Terex AC 500-2 has packed a length of 19.3 meters, a 3 meter breadth and a 4 meter height. The crane has in this configuration with boom guying and outriggers a transport mass of 113 tonnes.

Some moments later is the crane assembled. The outrigger base measures 9.6 x 9.6 meters, or half 8 x 7 meters.

Fitted with 140 tonnes of counterweight, that has a 6.1 meter tailswing. The maximum counterweight is 180 tonnes.

The main boom is here 47.2 meters extended. The bridge is with help of self-propelled modular transporters driven into the reach of the crane. The bridge has a weight of 120 tonnes.

On a 11 meter radius is the bridge lifted in it's destination. The other half of the bridge was already installed weeks before by two cranes of Scholpp.

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