Terex AC 100 - Van Santen

The biggest telescopic crane used by Van Santen from Haarlem (NL) is this sharp Terex AC 100. The biggest crawler crane is the Liebherr LR 1140.

In the untercarriage lays a DaimlerChrysler OM 502 LA with 476 hp.

The outrigger base measures about 7.1 x 7 meters, or half like on the photo, 7.1 x 4.5 meters.

It is a 100 tonne crane on a 5-axle carrier with YOM 2010. The transport mass is about 60 tonnes.

Put up with a double folding jib to do lifting work by the watertower in Haarlem (NL). The crane has extended its main boom up to 50.2 meters and extended with a 17 meter folding jib.

Fitted with 25 tonnes of counterweight, still extendable up to 32 tonnes by adding two hang-on slabs with each 3.5 tonnes. The tailswing is about 4 meters.

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