Terex AC 250-1 - Moh Seng

This sharp Terex AC 250-1 of Moh Seng from Singapore (SG) was there for the assembly of a tower crane used. It is a 250-tonne mobile crane mounted on a 6-axle carrier. Moh Seng is deploying two of such cranes.

The 6-axle undercarriage is powered by a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine with a power of 450 kW (612 hp). The axles 2, 4, 5 and 6 are powered, the axles 1 to 3, 5 and 6 are steerable. The fourth axle is liftable.

Here was the crane used with the full counterweight of 96.6 tonnes, the counterweight has a 5.6 meter tailswing. The full outrigger base measures 8.68 x 8.5 meters, or half 8.68 x 5.54 meters.

The AC 250-1 was used for the assembly of a Terex CTL 340-24 tower crane.

Hier is the 45 meter long front jib of the CTL 340-24 with a mass of approx. 8 tonnes lifted. The main boom of the AC 250-1 is here 72.1 meters extended, the maximum length of the main boom is 80 meters.

Some moments later is the crane dismantled and the counterweight trucks could leave the job site. The first combination exists out of a 2-axle Scania P 400 with 2-axle flat bed trailer takes the four hang-on slabs each with a mass of 11 tonnes.

The 2-axle MAN TGS 19.360 with 2-axle flat bed take three counterweight slabs with a 12.4 tonnes mass and the four outrigger pads of the crane. Typically in Singapore are the very compact counterweight trucks because of the narrow construction sites in the city.

The Terex AC 250-1 is in transit 16.97 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meters tall. The transport mass is approx. 92 tonnes.

During the transport over the road is 15 tonnes of counterweight geometrically on the undercarriage possible.

The 7-part main boom has a 14.5 meter base length and extends six times to a maximum length of 80 meters. Next to the main boom is the 10.2 - 20 meter long bi-fold swingaway jib transported. The jib is by an hydraulic system in angle between 0 and 40 degrees adjustable.

A very sharp crane of Moh Seng!

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