Terex AC 100/4L - Megalift

The Megalift company from Bremen (DE) was using this very sharp Terex AC 100/4L by the construction of an industrial building.

It is the newest 4-axle execution of the Terex AC 100, now in "L" execution what stands for the longer boom (59.4 meters), the normal AC 100/4 has a 50 meter boom.

In the undercarriage is laying a 462 HP diesel engine, over a ZF automatic transmission are 3 of the 4 axles driven. In the superstructure is laying a 175 HP engine.

Packed is this crane only 13.3 meters long, 2.55 meters wide and 3.9 meters heigh. With 4.5 tonnes of counterweight is the mass 48 tonnes.

The full outrigger base is 8.1 x 7.2 meters.

The crane is here fitted with 20.2 tonnes of counterweight. That can be extended by two hang-on slabs up to 25.2 tonnes. The tailswing is 3.9 meters. The upper slab stays on the superstructure and weights 4.5 tonnes.

The main boom has a maximum length of 59.4 meters, here is 50.9 meters extended. The boom is extendable by a 19 meter folding jib, also in combination with 8 meters of lattice boom extension.

Here is the crane mounting steel girders. In this configuration is the crane lifting 10.7 tonnes by 10 meter radius and 1.3 tonnes by 46 meter radius.

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