Terex AC 100/4L - Hup Hin

This Terex AC 100/4L of Hup Hin from Singapore (SG) stood for a short brake parked along the road. It is a 100-tonne crane on a 4-axle carrier.

The undercarriage has a 8x6x8-drive line and is powered by a MTU diesel engine with a power of 340 kW (462 hp).

In transit is the crane 13.2 meters long, 2.55 meters wide and 3.9 meters tall. The transport mass is approx. 66 tonnes.

The outrigger base measures 8.11 x 7.2 meters, or half 8.11 x 4,72 meters.

During the transport over the road remains 9.7 tonnes of counterweight stored on the undercarriage behind the cabin.

At the rear of the undercarriage is a 6-tonne counterweight slab stored during the transport over the road, attached to the super structure remains a 4.5 tonne slab. In total is the crane taking 20.2 tonnes of counterweight with it. Two hang-on slabs with each 2.5 tonnes, when necesarry, are delivered by truck. The counterweight has a 3.93 meter tailswing.

The crane is fitted with a 6-part main boom with a 12 meter base length and a maximum length of 59.4 meters. The crane takes also a 10.1 - 19 meter long bi-fold swingaway jib that is mountable under a 0, 20 or 40 degree angle against the main boom. A very sharp crane of Hup Hin!

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