Terex AC 70 City - Dinescon

I saw this Terex AC 70 City of Dinescon from Ziordia (ES) near a construction site in Pamplona (ES).

It is a 4-axle city crane that is operated and driven from one cab, eventual with passenger.

Dinescon is a manufacturer of precast concrete elements and is using this crane for the mounting. The AC 70 City is a 70 tonne crane.

The boom has 8 extendable parts and a max. length of 52 metres.

The crane outrigger base is 7.45 x 6.55. The engine is a Mercedes Benz OM 457 LA with 400 hp.

On the upperstructure is hanging 7.6 tonnes of counterweight.

Two winches in use, both with a linepull of 5.5 tonnes.

In front of the cab is laying another ballast slob of 1.3 tonnes.

Packed has this crane a 10 metres length and a 2.55 metre width.

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