Terex AC 40 City - Atrag

This sharp Terex AC 40 City of Atrag from Schmerikon (CH) stood on a small yard. It is the single mobile crane this company is deploying, next to a couple of lorry cranes and a mini crane.

It is a 40-tonne city crane mounted on a 3-axle carrier. The crane is driven and operated from a single cabin.

The outrigger base of the crane measures 6.35 x 6.2 meters. At the rear of the chassis is a large box for the spreader woods installed. This is often required to compensate the huge height differences in the hilly areas.

The crane is powered by a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine with a power of 205 kW (279 hp).

The counterweight remains attached to the superstructure and weights 5.45 tonnes, the tailswing is 3.35 meters.

The main boom has a 7.8 meter base lenght and extends four times to a full length of 31.2 meters. Optionally is the main boom to be extend by a 7.1 or 13 meter bi-fold swingaway jib, the jib can be mounted under a 0 or 30 degree angle to the main boom.

On the base section of the main boom is a 4.3-tonne hoist winch installed.

A very sharp crane of Atrag!

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