Terex AC 700 - Aguado

A Terex AC 700 of Aguado from Madrid (ES) parked on a small wharf in Pamplona (ES).

It is their biggest telescopic crane with a 700 tonne capacity. The biggest crawler crane is a Manitowoc 18000, a 600 tonner.

The main boom is extendable from 15.5 up to 60 meters. The boom is extendable with a 50 meter fixed jib, of a 96 meter luffing jib. A hook height of 145 meters is reached with them.

Packed is the crane 20.7 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meters height. The mass of the crane, with all outriggers and boom guying is about 132 tonnes. The max. driving speed is about 75 km/h.

In the undercarriage is laying a Mercedes-Benz OM 502 LA with 653 hp. With them are the axles 3, 4, 8 and 9 driven. The axles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 are steerable.

On the boom lays the boom guying (SSL). The guying is, depening of the position of the boom, folded out with a 0, 30 or 60 degree angle.

The outrigger base measures 12.2 x 12.4 meters, or half, 9 x 8.8 meters. To reduce the transport mass to 108 tonnes, the front outriggers (and the boom guying) should be removed.

In the superstructure is laying a Daimler Chrysler OM 906 LA, a watercooled 6-cylinder engine with 279 hp.

On the warf was also the counterweight of the crane. The base plate (20 tonnes) with the adjustment winch of the luffing jib and 8 slabs with each 10 tonnes. Also a part of the luffing jib was there.

The outrigger pads.

A very tough crane to see!

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