Sany SAC6000 - Hiap Tong

In 2019 took Hiap Tong from Singapore (SG) this impressive Sany SAC6000 into operation. It is a 600-tonne crane mounted on an 8-axle carrier.

The undercarriage is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 502 LA, an 8-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 480 kW (653 hp). The axles 1, 2, 4 and 5 are powered and all axles are steerable. The crane is fitted with Kessler axles.

In transit is the crane 22.64 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meters tall. To achieve the transport mass of 96 tonnes are the rear outriggers, five telescope sections and the superlift to be dismantled.

The crane was installed for introduction and test lifting on the yard.

The outrigger base measures 10.8 x 10.8 meters.

The superstructure is powered by a Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 205 kW (279 hp). During the transport over the road is the cabin slewed behind the superstructure.

The 7-part main boom has a 17.1 meter base length and extends six times to maximum length of 90 meters. The crane is fitted with a sideways superlift system. The crane is able to lift maximum 52 tonnes over the fully extended main boom.

The main boom can be extended by a 42 meter long fixed jib of a 90 meter long luffing jib.

Hiap Tong does now deploy two of these types of crane, the other crane is deployed from their yard in Malaysia.

Here was the crane fitted with the full counterweight of 165 tonnes, that exists out of 30 tonne base plate, five 15 tonne slabs and four 15 tonne blocks.

The 250-tonne hook with eleven pullies was reefed at 22 lines for a test lift. The hook itself has a mass of 4.2 tonnes.

A very impressive crane of Hiap Tong!

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