Ruston Bucyrus

Ruston Bucyrus was a british manufacturer of cranes, excavators and drilling rigs. It was founded in 1930 and was owned by the companies Ruston & Hornby from Lincoln (UK) and Bucyrus-Erie from Ohio (US). In 1992 was the CH series introduced, these cranes were driven with hydraulic drives. In 2000 was the production of cranes stoped becrause the competition was to strong. In 2001 the production was started again with a new owner, the biggest crane produced by Ruston Bucyrus was the 135 tonne CH 135. In 2009 RB was sold again, the current owner isn't producing anymore, but supplies service and parts for RB cranes.

Ruston Bucyrus CH 65

Ruston Bucyrus CH 135

Ruston Bucyrus 22-RB

Rodruza (NL)

Rodruza (NL)

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