PLM 80 - Van 't Hek

Van 't Hek from Z.O. Beemster (NL) is owning this interesting PLM 80 heavy duty crawler crane with a crawler chassis. The crane was erected here on a job site next to their yard in Amsterdam (NL).

It is a 80-tonne heavy duty crawler crane that is mainly used and designed for working with a vibrator to drive sheet piles into the ground. To power the crane (and the hydraulic vibrator) is the crane fitted with two 750 hp strong diesel engines.

The crane's undercarriage is 7 meters long and 6 meters wide. For the transport over the road is it possible to reduce the width to only 3.5 meters. The tracks do have a width of 0.8 meters.

The full counterweight of the crane weights 28 tonnes and is 1 meter extendable. The max. tailswing of the counterweight is 6.5 meters.

Van 't Hek took this machine over from Van Halteren Infra, Van Halteren was deploying two of these machines. This crane's year of manufacture is 1999. The heavy duty crane can also be fitted with a leader.

In the superstructure are two hoist winches and an auxilairy winch installed.

The crane can be fitted with a 36 meter long main boom, the crane can lift then maximum 25.3 tonnes on a 9 meter radius or 7.2 tonnes onto a 32 meter radius.

A very impressing and sharp crane!

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