Marion Power Shovel Company was an American manufacturer of shovels, excavators and draglines. The company was founded in 1884 by the gentlemen Henry Barnhart, Edward Huber and George W. King as the Marion Steam Shovel Company. The name Marion comes from the name of the city in the state Ohio (US) where the factory was made. Marion machines werde used at the beginning of the twentieth century on large infrastructure projects like the Panama canal. In 1946 was the name changed to Marion Power Shovel Company because that suited better to the current products. Marion built the largest and heaviest excavator ever in 1965, this was the Marion 6360 with a mass of 12,700 tonnes and a bucket volume of 138 cubic meters. At the end of the sixties it went wrong with the company and was after multiple investors and owners sold to the largest competitor Bucyrus in 1997. The factory in Marion, Ohio was closed.

Marion 43-M


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