Luna GT 40/35 - Charles Blume

Charles Blume from Hude (DE) is using this special Luna GT 40/35 for the disassembly of his "The Tower Event Center" on the fair in Hoorn (NL). This ride has a height of 35 meters.

It is a 40 tonne crane that is put on a 4 axle Mercedes-Benz Actros 3844 chassis.

The counterweight weights 5.1 tonnes.

A detail of the upper cab. The crane can also be operated by remote control, the receiver can be seen behind the cab. The crane is standard supplied with this.

The undercarriage and upperstructure both have their own engine. The year of manufacture is 2001.

The boom has a 9.3 meter base length and is fully extended 34.3 meters long. 40 tonnes are lifted on a 3 meter radius. With fully extended boom the capacity is 8.2 tonnes on a 7 meter radius. The main boom can be extended by a 15 meter folding jib, the crane is then 52 meters high.

The light blue color is very daring, but it fits the crane really good.

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