Liebherr LR 1160 - Zwagerman VMT

This Liebherr LR 1160 of Zwagerman VMT is working in a construction pit.

Fitted with a 25.7 metre main boom and a 34.4 metre luffing jib.

The crane is standing on a frame and isn't driving.

The crane is hoisted into the pit by a 500 tonne crane and also assembled in the pit. The disassembly of the crane will be a lot more difficult.

Fitted with 50.5 tonnes of counterweight and 15 tonnes of lower weights.

A new shopping mall with underground parking is built here. Above are appartments built.

For the constructions of the tower is another LR 1160 of Zwagerman VMT used (in the background), the crane is working from normal level.

This crane is bought used from Turkey and fully overhauled. The machine is still looking good.

Part 2

This Liebherr LR 1160 was working in a very narrow spot in a construction pit, because his work down below was ready, it's time for disassamble it.

The assist crane this day is a Liebherr LTM 1160/2 of Saan.

The hook is reefed out, the hoist line is wounded up.

The big challenge; it is not possible to lower the boom.

The Liebherr LTM 1160/2 is attachted to the main boom head of the LR 1160. The hoist line of the LR is attachted to the orange strop that is attached to the lower A-frame of the luffing jib boom foot.

The main boom pendants are disconnected and the gantry is attached with short pendants to the boom foot. The pendants between the main boom foot and lower A-frame are also disconnected; the hoist line takes care of the tension.

Now the two upper pins between the boom and boom foot are removed, the boom foot is slowly boomed upwards and the LTM 1160/2 is lowering the boom.

The construction company has supported the roof.

To prefent the boom foot is pushed backwards, a 7.5 tonne weight is hung in the assembly cylinder on the boom foot. Normally spoken is this a lower weight of the crane.

Here we see also the supports.

The jib can be disassembled now.

The LTM 1160/2 is after hoisting the main boom ready, the rest will be done the next day with another crane. The couterweights are set down.

The next day a Terex AC 500-2 of Sarens was used, the crane is fitted with 100 tonnes of counterweight.

At first the tracks are hoisted and weight 17.5 tonnes each.

Then the body, weights about 40 tonnes.

The couterweight of 50.5 tonnes in one hoist, the 500 tonne crane is attached to the same connection points that are used to connect the counterweight to the crane.

At last the lower weights, 15 tonnes in total. Later the LR 1160 is put up with assist of the AC 500.

A very interesting but abnormal way of disassemble a crawler crane. With a proper preparation, clear thinking, knowledge and experience this job was done relaxed and safe by the workers of Zwagerman VMT. Contact always the crane manufacture for abnormal assemblies and disassemblies, the photos shown above should only be used as indication, not as an example!

Part 3

After the special disassembly before, the Liebherr LR 1160 of Zwagerman VMT was put up again on the same construction site.

Fitted with 15 tonnes of lower weights and 50.5 tonnes of upper weights.

The luffing jib was extended from 34.4 metres to 69.5 metres. In this position the crane brings 2.5 tonnes up to a 85 meter radius.

Together with an other Liebherr LR 1160 of Zwagerman VMT.

The luffing jib is guyed on two spots. The max. jib length is 78.5 metres, a 6 and 3 metre piece can be added.

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