Liebherr LR 1750 - Wagenborg Nedlift

Wagenborg Nedlift from Hengelo (NL) is owning two Liebherr LR 1750 crawler cranes. This is the oldest one with year of manufacture 2009. Both cranes ware used to do two heavy tandem lifts in Düsseldorf (DE).

The crawler tracks of the crane are 11.9 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 2.13 meters height. The mass each is 44 tonnes with two drives.

The crane is here fitted with 220 tonnes of counterweight, existing out of two consoles of each 10 tonnes with in them 8 12.5 tonne slabs. The counterweight has a 9.175 meter tailswing. A nice detail are the Wagenborg flags as marking on the corners.

The crane was here re-positioning for the next lift. With a load on the hook is the tray attached and retrachted to drive the complete crane forwards.

Driven is the crane by a watercooled Liebherr 8 cylinder diesel engine with 544 hp.

The derrick counterweight has a maximum of 400 tonne, here is 150 tonne stacked on the tray. The radius of the derrick counterweight is adjustable from 14.8 to 21.8 meters. Wagenborg doesn't own a counterweight trailer. The crane is 10.3 meters wide.

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