Kobelco SL6000 - Bok Seng

The sharp Kobelco SL6000 of Bok Seng from Singapore (SG) was used to lift heavy parts for a TBM (tunnel boring machine). Here was the part together with a Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1, also from Bok Seng's fleet, brought from horizontal into vertical position.

Some moments later is the load hanging vertically in the crane and the LTM 1500-8.1 will be dismantled. Here is the crawler crane fitted with a 36 meter main boom with a 30 meter long superlift boom.

The 300-tonne hook is here in operation.

The crane is slewed then to attach the superlift counterweight. The superlift counterweight is positioned on a 16 meter counterradius.

Attached to the superstructure is 180 tonnes of counterweight, the counterweight exists out of a 20-tonne base plate with a total of sixteen 10-tonne slabs. The superlift counterweight has a total mass of 250 tonnes.

When the superlift counterweight is attached the crane will start to boom down and slew above the pit.

The load has a mass of 245 tonnes and will be lifted on a 20 meter radius.

Again a very sharp job by the very beautiful crane of Bok Seng!

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