Grove GMK5220 - Stravers

Stravers from Veghel (NL) owns this sharp Grove GMK5220 that is mainly used for erecting and dismantle of their own tower cranes.

For a customer in Friesland (NL) a portal for tower crane has to be engeneerd, the portal was built by Rusch from Zwaag (NL) and should be transported.

The year of manufacture is 2011.

It is also possible to become a cab with grille, an example is the crane of Van Riel.

The boom is max. 68 metres long, but is here extended up to 31.7 metres.

Fitted with 41 tonnes of counterweight, the maximum counterweight is 77 tonnes.

The crane outrigger dimensions are 8.6 x 8.1 metres. The outrigger pads are taken on the rear of the crane.

Here is the frame loaden on the lowloader of Winder Limmen.

Ready for the trip.

The crane also.

Later that evening the lowloader is unloaden by the crane, this time on a farmer's yard in the Wieringermeer (NL).

The crane is now fitted with 71 tonnes of counterweight.

On the farmer's yard the legs will be welded to the frame. It was not possible to do this in the construction hall of Rusch because the oversized dimensions makes it inpossible to transport the frame to the harbour.

Two days later the portal was finished an transported by Winder again. Here arrived in the harbour of Oude Zeug (NL).

The crane is fitted with 51 tonnes of counterweight.

The portal is loaded on a pontoon to continue his trip over water.

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