Grove GMK3050 - Schot

This sharp Grove GMK3050 of Schot from Alkmaar (NL) was used on a construction site in Grootebroek (NL) to lift some construction materials.

It is a 50 tonne crane that is installed on a 3-axle carrier. The crane came to Schot after they have taken over Vrijhof from IJmuiden (NL) some years ago.

The undercarriage is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 260 kW (349 hp). This crane has the optional 6x6x6-drive line where all axles are driven and steerable.

The outrigger base of the crane measures 6.625 x 6.2 meters, or half 6.625 x 4.4 meters. At the rear of the chassis is a large box for some lifting gear attached, a concrete bucket is hanging on the frame.

The full counterweight of the crane weights 10.5 tonnes and has a 3.2 meter tailswing. During the transport over the road is the lower plate with 3.5 tonnes stored on the undercarriage.

The small round outrigger pads are transported in frames which are installed below the cabinon the undercarriage. The stack with steel outrigger pads are taken at the back of the chassis, but are here on the ground to give the crane clearance to slew 360 degrees with full counterweight.

Packed is the crane 11.02 meters long, 2.86 meters wide and 3.48 meters high. The mass of the crane is approx. 36 tonnes.

The 5-part main boom has a 9.8 meter base length and extends four times to a full length of 38.1 meters. The main boom was extended here 30.1 meters. An 8.7 - 15 meter long bi-fold swingaway jib can be attached to the main boom, but isn't transported on the crane to reduce the axle loadings.

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