Grove GMK5100 - Gruas Noain

A Grove GMK5100 of Gruas Noain from Noain (ES) in the city center of Pamplona (ES).

It is a 100 tonne crane on 5 axles.

The crane was used by a building that was renovated at that time.

The crane outrigger dimensions are 7.8 x 7.5 meters, or half, 7.8 x 5.1 meters. The outriggerpads are transported in the rack at the rear of the crane.

The location was very narrow.

The boom is here fully extended, 51 meters. Extended with an 11 meter folding jib.

The folding jib is extendable with a 7 meter point section; and two lattice sections with 8 meter, for a jiblength of 34 meters.

The counterweight weights 31 tonnes and has a 4.22 meter tailswing. The extra point section is still hanging near the boom.

The counterweight is existing out of 10 parts. The crane is driving with 14 tonnes over the road, the rest should be delivered by a truck. The hole in the counterweight gives place for the hydraulic cylinder under the boom.

In the undercarriage is laying a Mercedes-Benz OM502LA, 8-cylinder diesel engine with 469 hp.

A very nice crane.

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