Grove GMK3050 - Gruas Noain

A Grove GMK3050 of Gruas Noain from Noain (ES) in the city center of Pamplona (ES).

It is a 50 tonne crane on 3 axles. In the undercarriage lays a Mercedes-Benz OM501LA 6-cylindre diesel engine with 349 hp. With that engine is also the superstructure powered.

Here is a podium put up for a big festival in Pamplona, the running of the bulls! This festival is called "San Fermines" and has a duration of 7 days. The podium is set up an underground parking, that is why the Grove is working on a bigger radius.

Packed has the crane an 11 meter length, a 2.9 meter width and a 3.5 meter height. The mass of the crane is 36 tonnes.

The outrigger base measures 6.6 x 6.2 meters, or half 6.6 x 4.4 meters.

The full counterweight weights 10.5 tonnes. A part of the weights are lay down on the undercarriage during transport over the road.

The boom has a maximum length of 38.1 meters and is extendable with a double folding jib with 15 meters. Here is boom is 31.1 meters extended.

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