Grove RT550E - JP Nelson

This new Grove RT550E belongs to JP Nelson from Singapore (SG) and stood parked along the road close to their yard. It is a 45-tonne rough terrain crane mounted on a 2-axle carrier with year of manufacture 2019.

The undercarriage is 7.12 meters long and 2.4 meters wide, the crane weights about 29.2 tonnes. The crane is driven and operated from the cabin. The outrigger base measures 6.15 x 6.1 meters.

The crane is powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins QSB diesel engine with a power of 119 kW. The undercarriage has a 4x4x4-drive line where both axles are driven and steerable. The counterweight has a mass of 4.95 tonnes and a 3.92 meter tailswing.

The 5-part main boom has a 9.9 meter base length and extends four times to a maximum length of 39 meters. The crane is fitted with two hoist winches, each with 16 mm hoist wire rope and a 5-tonne line pull.

Next to the main boom is an 8 meter jib stored, this can be mounted in an angle of 0, 20 or 40 degrees to the main boom. A very shap crane of JP Nelson!

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