Fuchs was founded by Johannes Fuchs in Hemmingen (DE). At that time mainly furniture for stables were built. In 1949 they startet with the construction of smaller cable excavators to load dung. In 1950 200 units were orderd by the Deutsch Bahn to load coal with this crane. In 1957 the very popular Fuchs 301 was introduced, in total over 15,000 units were deliverd of this type. In 1965 they started with the construction of hydraulic excavators. In 1985 are Fuchs and Schaeff conveced with eachother, the main products are excavators, cranes and material handlers. In 2002 is Terex overtaking the business and is today still building material handlers with the name Terex Fuchs. Fuchs as word means in English fox (the animal).

Fuchs 301


Fuchs F 114 M

Aqua-Geotherm-Service (DE)

Fuchs F 118 M

Fuchs F 125 R

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