FAUN ATF 40G-2 - Winder Limmen

Winder Limmen from Alkmaar (NL) owns this 40 tonne FAUN ATF 40G-2. I saw this crane working in Obdam (NL).

The crane has a mass of 24 tonnes and a 4x4x4 driveline. The crane has a Mercedes engine with 279 hp behind the cab.

Packed is this crane 11 metres long, 2.55 meters wide and 3.55 meters height.

The crane outrigger dimensions are 6.5 x 6 or 6.5 x 4.3 meters with half base.

The main boom is 35.2 meters long and extendable with a 9 meter jib, then 44 meters of hook height are reached.

The rotation point of the main boom is moved backwards, there is no place for the winch anymore. The counterweight weights 6.5 tonnes.

The winch is now made next to the base section, the silver box below the jib.

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