FAUN ATF 70-4 - Schmidbauer

This tough FAUN ATF 70-4 of Schmidbauer, location Memmingen (DE), stood parked on a small industrial area. It is a 70 tonne crane on 4 axles with year of construction 2001.

The 4 axle undercarriage is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA 6 cylinder diesel engine with 394 hp. This crane has all the axles driven (8 x 8) and are steerable.

On the undercarriage are 3 tonnes of counterweight taken.

Packed is this crane 12.9 meters long, 2.75 meters wide and 3.73 meters height. The transport mass is about 47 tonnes.

Attached to the superstructure remains 4.7 tonnes of counterweight, in total are 7.7 tonnes taken with the crane. The maximum counterweight is 12.1 tonnes, with a 3.6 meter tailswing.

The outrigger base of the crane measures 8.6 x 7.2 meters, or half 8.6 x 5 meters.

The folding jib with a 9 meter base length and a maximum length of 16 meters isn't taken with the crane.

The main boom has a 10.5 meter base length and extends 4 times to a 40.5 meter length.

A sharp crane!

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