FAUN ATF 50G-3 - Nederhoff

Crane rental company Nederhoff from Gouda (NL) was using this FAUN ATF 50G-3 crane by the erection of a steel construction in Middenmeer (NL).

Here are some steel profiles unloaded from the trucks and spread over the construction site. The crane has extended its main boom up to 32.5 meters. The max. boom length of the crane is 40 meters.

It is a 3 axle crane with a transport mass of 36 tonnes. The outrigges base measures 7.2 x 6.3 meters.

The folding jib is 9 or 16 meters long and reaches to a max. hook height of 56 meters. Still 2.3 tonnes are then still lifted.

Packed has this crane a 11.4 meter length, a 2.5 meter width and a 3.72 meter height. A part of the counterweight is left behind to reduce the axle loads. Now they are exactly 12 tonnes.

A nice crane in the colors of Nederhoff!

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