FAUN RTF 40-3 - Most Staalbouw

Most Staalbouw from Slagharen (NL) is using this FAUN RTF 40-3 to erect steel constructions.

It is a 40 tonne, 3 axle crane with a 36 tonne mass. The year of manufacture is 2000.

The crane is used to erect a new barn for Bianca Lelies in Heerhugowaard (NL).

The counterweight mass is 7.5 tonnes and has a tail swing of 3.2 meters.

The outrigger base is 6.75 x 6.3 meters.

The main boom is 30 metres long and the jib is 8.7 meters long.

Also a double folding jib is available with a 15.45 meter length.

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