FAUN ATF 65G-4 - De Koker

FAUN ATF 65G-4 of De Koker used near the NS train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk (NL) to hoist small loads on a roof.

It is a 4 axle, 65 tonne crane with an overall mass of 48 tonnes. The year of manufacture is 2008.

The crane outrigger base is 7.8 x 6.4 meters.

Packed is this crane 12.44 meters long, 2.66 meters wide and 3.8 meters high.

The 15 tonne counterweight.

The 44 meter boom is fully extended.

The folding jib is 16 meters long and mounted under a 40 degree angle. The max. capacity in this configuration is 2.8 tonnes.

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