FAUN HK 028 - Kermis Hinzen

To assemble rollercoaster "Crash Test" bought showman Hinzen Kermis a used crane FAUN HK 028 from Germany, in Germany the crane was also used to assemble and disassemble fairground attractions.

It is a 3-axle, 28 tonne auto crane on a Scania chassis. The year of construction is 1989.

The outrigger base of the crane is 6.2 x 5.8 meters.

The truck chassis is a Scania 112H with 350 hp.

The crane is here fitted with 3 tonnes of counterweight, on the undercarriage is laying another 2 tonnes. The tailswing is 3.2 meters.

On the rear of the chassis is a coupling made, with the crane is also taken a 3-axle trailer with a part of the rollercoaster on it.

Directly after arrival is startet with the assembly of the rollercoaster.

Here is the boom fully extended, 25.38 meters. Now are still 11 tonnes lifted on a 6 meter radius and 800 kgs on a 23 meter radius.

The boom is also extendable with a 7.5 meter jib.

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