This FAUN RTF 30-2 with year of manufacture 1992 is working as a yard crane on a smaller yard in Schagen (NL).

It is a 30 tonne crane on a 2 axle crane carrier. Packed has this crane a 11.12 meter length, a 2.5 meter breadth and a 3.35 meter height. During the transport over the road the boom is pointing backwards.

The outrigger base measures 6.4 x 6.3 meters.

The counterweight slab with 2.19 tonnes is always attached to the superstructure.

The undercarriage and the superstructure are both powered by the 240 hp strong Mercedes-Benz OM 366 LA engine. The crane has a 24 tonne mass.

The main boom has a 8.18 meter base length and extends three times to a total length of 25.38 meters. The boom can be extended by a 12.2 meter folding jib.

It is possible to reach a speed of 80 km/h on the road.

Closing with a detail of the single person cabin on the undercarriage.

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