A nameless FAUN ATF 30-2L on a construction site near the German city Memmingen (DE).

The lower cab is only made for one person. The mass of the crane is about 24 tonnes.

Packed is the crane 10 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 3.32 meters height. The outrigger base is 6.35 x 6.3 meters.

The crane has a Mercedes-Benz OM 906 LA engine with 279 hp. With them are the undercarriage and the superstructure driven.

The boom has fully extended a length of 28.5 meters, extendable with an 8 meter jib or a 12.2 meter double folding jib.

The max. counterweight is 5.6 tonnes with a 3.1 meter tailswing.

Because of the colors, I think that the former owner of the crane was the German company Wiesbauer.

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