Coles was founded in 1878 by the brothers Henry, Frederick, Walter and Ernest Coles in London (GB). The first cranes were steam driven and had a capacity between 2 and 10 tonnes. Untill 1984 the company was growing and was builing cranes up to 250 tonnes. In 1984 the company got in trouble and Grove bought the company. The cranes were livered under the name Grove Coles Ltd. In 1995 Grove took over the German manufacturer Krupp and bought the latest technology. In 1998 Grove decided only to build AT cranes and closes the latest Grove Coles Ltd. factory in Sunderland (GB), 670 people were losing their job.

Coles Aeneas


Coles Dominant


Coles Endurance

Coles Hydra Husky 36/40TSC


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