Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 - Geser Spedition

This sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 of Geser Spedition from Mintraching (DE) transported a large Sennebogen 6130E base machine from Sennebogen's plant in Straubing (DE) to the harbour of Bremerhaven (DE).

Geser is part of the BigMove group, that is why the truck looks familiair with the trucks of Gutmann and the one of Wallek. The trucks are all almost identical with each other. Remarkable is the short wheelbase.

With the crawler retracted does the Sennebogen still have a 3.98 meter breadth. These kind of transports are only allowed to drive at nigth in Germany.

Behind the cab we find a bended tank, making it possible for the gooseneck to swing over. Above are an oil tank, storage compartment and the Adbluetank made.

The Sennebogen 6130E base machine was going to Robinson Equipment from Hong Kong (HK). In this configuation the base machine weights 92 tonnes.

Attached is a 9 axle Nicolas lowloader in 4-bed-5 configuation.

A very sharp combination!

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