Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 - Gutmann

Spedition Gutmann from Kehl-Goldscheuer (DE) stood parked in Bremerhaven (DE) with this imposing truck combination. These kind of transports are only allowed to drive at night over the highway.

It is a compact 4 axle truck with the 600 hp strong engine. Spedition Gutmann is part of the BigMove Group, a cooperation between some transport companies, a view trucks have the same colors, but have a different name. See also: Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 of Wallek.

Behind the cabin is an open tower built, remarkable is the folded tank, making is possible that the trailer can slew free. Next to the nice standing exhaust is above an oiltank built, surrounded by some airbarrels. A space is left for a storage box. By heavier trucks is this space filled by the cooler for the WSK torque converter. Between the first two axles is the Adbluetank made.

Towed is a 9 axle Scheuerle lowloader in 3 bed 6 configuration.

The load is a 3.2 MW Senvion nacelle. The dimensions are 13.06 x 4.16 x 3.56 m (l x w x h). The mass of the nacelle is 54 tonnes.

The company was in 1963 founded in Karlsruhe (DE) by Günther Gutmann opgericht. In 2007 the company owns 25 trucks and 55 trailers.

A sharp combination!

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