Volvo FH 460 - Van Wieren

This sharp Volvo FH 460 of Van Wieren from Emmeloord (NL) stood on the border near Venlo (NL) parked with an oversized cargo.

The 3-axle truck with 6x2-drive line is powered by a Volvo D13K diesel engine with a power of 343 kW (460 hp).

On this side are behind the front axle the muffler, AdBlue tank and a smaller diesel tank installed. Behind the cabin is a small storage compartment made.

On the driver's side is the large diesel tank installed behind the front axle.

Attached is a 3-axle Borshuis semi low loader. The trailer is 2.5 meters extendable and allowed for a maximum cargo of 33.82 tonnes in the Netherlands.

The cargo is an oversized boom section of Mammoet's 2,000 tonne Demag CC 4800 TwinRing crane. The boom section is 12.16 meters long, 3.95 meters wide and 3.02 meters tall. The mass is 9.4 tonnes.

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