Volvo FH16 660 - Te Kloeze Bruyl

Earthmoving company Te Kloeze Bruyl from Terborg (NL) is owning some heavy lowloaders to transport their machines.

They are also working for others, like in this case. The tracktor is a Volvo FH16 660 a 4 axle tracktor with 660 hp.

The tracktor is coupled to a 6 axle Nooteboom euro-lowloader that exists out of a 2 axle interdolly and a 4 axle lowloader.

Behind the cab is the tracktor finished with a big fueltank and extra storage boxes.

The lowloader has pendel(-x) axles with a payload of 13.4 tonne per axle.

The load is the base of a demolition machine with a 90 metre boom. Mass is about 67 tonnes.

A very sharp combination.

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