Transport of steel cables by Feldmann and Wipfli

The heighest mountain in Germany is the Zugspitze with his proud 2,962 m. The Zugspitze is located on the border between Germany and Austria, near to the city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (DE). From 2018 on you can reach the top by a brand new cableway. The cables for this cableway, in total 4 units with each a length of 4,900 m, are made in the swiss village Romanshorn (CH) at the Fatzer company. The transport of the 3th cable is standing here on the yard of Fatzer.

The transport can start to roll after the lunch. This transport is very special, as the load is spreaded over two combinations.

The Wipfli company from Flüelen (CH) is very experienced in performing such transports. They are using for this transport this special MAN TGX 53.540 truck with 4 axle trailer.

Assistance was required from the company Feldmann from Bilten (CH), they are using this sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 4365 with 4-bed-7 Goldhofer lowloader. The 153 tonne cable is spreaded on both combinations, about 99 tonnes for Feldmann and about 54 tonnes for Wipfli.

The transport is in Switzerland allowed to drive by day. The transport is about 65 meters long and weights around 250 tonnes. Breadth and height aren't the problems for this transport.

The first challenge is directly a roundabout at the end of the street in Romanshorn (CH). The transport is escorted in total by 4 escort vehicles.

The cable drum is flatten above, this has big adventages by viaducts. Because two combinations are here coupled together, a very maneuverable combination is created.

A short coffee break along the highway 1, shortly before Thal (CH). The transport is now 50 minutes on the move and has driven around 20 kilometers. On the highway the maximum speed is 60 km/h because of the braking path.

The MAN of Wipfli is specially designed for these kind of transports. This truck was modified by Toni Maurer from Türkheim (DE).

The transport continues over the highways 1 and 13 until the exit Buchs (CH). The combination leaves the highway here and moves in the direction of the Principality of Liechtenstein. In Liechtenstein the transport is escorted by the police, driving in front of the transport. The reason why this transport is driving trough Liechtenstein is the only bridge over the Rhine that can be crossed with this heavy combination.

The transport has to move now trough the narrow streets of Schaan (FL).

But because of the very maneuverable combination this is easier as it looks like.

The cable has a 72 mm diameter and exists out of 210 different wires. In total more than 5.56 million meter of steel wire is used for the production of the four steel cables. The breaking force of this cable is around 690 tonnes.

The transport drives from Schaan (FL) trough Nendeln (FL) in direction of the border by Schaanwald (FL).

Because the transport is allowed to drive in Austria from 22:00, the combination must wait at the border. "Unfortunately" the parking was blocked by another oversized transport of Bau-Trans!

The transport continues - until the Austrian frontier surveillance post.

The transport must waith here until 22:00.

The phots above are taken on a Thursday. On Thursday eaening the transport continues trough Feldkirch (AT) until the border to Germany near to Hörbranz (AT). The transport will continue on Sunday eavening at 22:00. In Germany the transport drives over the highway 96, then the country road 12 in the direction of Kempten (DE) to the highway 7. The transport then drives until the intersection A7/A96 near to Memmingen (DE) and continues the A96 until Germering (DE), shortly before Munich (DE). The transport will park here along the highway and continues the next eavening over highway A95 and country roads 2 and 23 to the construction site in Grainau (DE). The reason of this terrible detour is the weight that can't be supported by many bridges. The transport drives around 450 km, by car it is around 200 km.

The fourth and last transport was performed at the beginning of June 2017. Early in the morning the transport starts to move.

Mainly the roundabouts in the smaller swiss villages are a big challenge for the drivers.

Coffee break along the highway 1.

Meanwhile the transport passed trough Schaan (FL) and makes a sturdy climb in the direction of Nendeln (FL).

A large roundabout is passed in the wrong direction.

The transport can continue until the border by Schaanwald (FL). All transports were performed succesfully and without any delay, the cables will be mounted before December 2017 and the cableway will open before the turn of the year 2017/18. With special thanks to the companies Fatzer, Feldmann and Wipfli!

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