Transport of a transformer by Kahl

In the beginning of 2018 were in Nuremburg (DE) in total four large transformers from the Siemens factory on the Winter-Günther-Straße over the road transported to a local port. Because of the extreme dimensions are the transports carried out in the evening; it is now 11:00 PM, the transport starts to roll.

Kahl from Duisburg (DE) is doing these four large transports. They are using in total two of their Mercedes-Benz Actros 4165, 40 Goldhofer axles and their Greiner G² | K600 girder bridge.

The first stretch of the tour was driven on own power packs on the modular trailers, these power packs have each a power of 360 kW (490 hp).

The first sharp turn to left into the Vogelweiherstraße is made. The transport is about 63 meters long, 7.45 meters wide and 6.1 meters tall.

The total mass is approx. 645 tonnes.

Both Goldhofer PP 490 power packs are loaded at the back of the modules to reduce the length of the transport.

The Siemens transformer has a total mass of 432 tonnes. The transformer is loaded on the girders of the Greiner G² | K600, this girder bridge is designed for cargos up to 600 tonnes.

The girder bridge is in the front installed on a double 10-axle Goldhofer THP/ST modules and at the back on a double 10-axle Goldhofer PST/SL-E (with driven axles). The transport is making a left turn here into the Dianastraße.

Now was it time to attach the Mercedes-Benz Actros 4165 to the trailer. This heavy haulage truck with 8x6-drive line has 653 hp. In total is the transport to be moved now by 1,633 hp!

Kahl is deploying two of these mighthy heavy haulage trucks which are modified by Titan.

This narrow tunnel is the reason to transport the transformer by girder bridge.

Leaving the tunnel with a small slope upwards, the Actros 4165 needs to give full power now!

The biggest challenge has been solved now, the transport will drive a long strech straight forward now with a speed of approx. 10 km/h.

The girder bridge is operated from the cabins installed on the modules.

The transport is making a sharp right turn into the Saarbrückenerstraße.

Because of the huge dimensions of the transport are road sections temporary closed. The police is supported by private escort vehicles.

The last sharp turn into the port area on the Linzerstraße.

Kahl is doing frequently these kind of heavy transports through Germany.

The port is reached, the transport was carried out without any problems.

Time for some rest, it is now 02:30 AM. The transport was done in 3.5 hours and drove a distance of 6.9 km. The cargo would be unloaded on the next day.

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