Transport of gas turbines by Bok Seng

For the transport of two skids with gas turbines between her yard and a shipyard was Bok Seng from Singapore usind two 12-axle SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter) vehicles. The oversized transport is escorted by the Auxiliary Police. Such transports are in Singapore only allowed to move between 07:00 PM and 05:00 AM to reduce the interruption for other road users to a minimum.

The gas turbines are each 20.8 meters long, 5.4 meters wide and 6.5 meters high.

This vehicle exists out of two modules with each six axle lines, powered by a Scheuerle Z350 DA, a 350 kW strong power pack unit (PPU) that poweres the hydraulic pumps which are used for the movement, steering and axle compensation.

The Scheuerle axle lines hava maximum axle load of 40 tonnes, this transporter has a maximum pay load of 433.6 tonnes. The gas turbines have each a mass of 125.5 tonnes.

The modules have a width of 2.43 meters and fit into ISO containers.

The axles are 700 mm in height adjustable. By this height adjustment is it possible to load and unload cargos without the use of a crane.

The shipyard is almost reached, in the meantime a small traffic jam is created behind the transport. The driving speed of the transport is around 5 km/h.

The SPMT vehicles are operated by a single operator with a remote control.

The steering possibilities are almost unlimited because each axle is 360 degrees rotatable.

Bok Seng is operating 160 axles of SPMT.

Both gas turbines have reached their destination and can be unloaded on the next day.

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