Scania P 440 - Lie Yong

This sharp Scania P 440 belongs to Lie Yong Logistics & Engineering from Singapore (SG). It is a 4-axle truck equipped with a heavy lorry crane.

The truck with 8x4-drive line is powered by a Scania DC13, a 12.7-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 324 kW (440 hp). The two rear axles are powered and both front axles are steerable.

Behind the front axle is the muffler mounted, behind the second axle are the AdBlue- and dieseltank mounted.

On this side is the battery installed behind the front axle.

Behind the cabin is a Palfinger PK 165.002 Tec 7 lorry crane mounted, the lorry crane has a maximum lifting moment of 124.8 mt. The maximum load of 25.3 tonnes can be lifted on a 4.5 meter radius. The maximum radius is 20.8 meters, the crane can lift maximum 4.9 tonnes on that radius.

The outriggers next to the crane extend to a maximum width of 10 meters, at the rear of the chassis are another set of outriggers mounted. A sharp vehicle of Lie Yong!

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