Scania R 620 - Hup Hin

This sharp Scania R 620 belongs to Hup Hin from Singapore (SG) and was used for the transport of a large cable drum at night.

The combination exists out of a 3-axle ballasted truck with a 6-axle low loader trailer.

The 3-axle heavy haulage truck has a 6x4-drive line which is powered by a 15.6-liter Scania V8 diesel engine with a power of 462 kW (620 hp) and a maximum torque of 3,000 Nm. Behind the front axle are the compressed air tanks, the battery and a storage compartment made.

In the equipment tower behind the cabin are the large dieseltank, multiple compressed air tanks, the hydraulic oil tank and a cooling installation mounted.

On this side are the muffler, the AdBlue tank and another smaller storage compartment made.

On top of the cardanic fifth-wheel is the ballast box mounted. The box has a mass of approx. 2 tonnes and is, depending on the trailer and mass of the cargo, filled with counterweight blocks.

The trailer exists out of two 3-axle Cometto axle modules with a low bridge bed between them.

The cargo is a cable drum with a 4.7 meter diameter and a total mass of approx. 50 tonnes.

The transport is in Singapore escorted by the auxiliary police.

A very sharp combination of Hup Hin!

The second time I saw this truck it was used to transport oversized cooling towers. The trailer is a 10-axle Cometto trailer.

This truck is mainly used as spare truck.

The third time I saw the truck an oversized steel construction had to be transported from the fabricationyard to a shipyard. Here was waited for the auxilairy police that is responsible for the escort of the oversized combination.

The combination is here leaving the yard, attached is a 10-axle Cometto platform trailer.

The cargo has a width of 7.8 meters and weights around 8 tonnes.

Arrived at the shipyard, the combination must now reverse into the shipyard. The road is temporary closed by the auxilairy police.

Reached the destination, the next day the combination will be unloaded.

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