Scania G 500 - Hong Fa

This Scania G 500 belongs to Hong Fa from Singapore (SG), the 4-axle truck with heavy lorry crane stood during a weekend parked on a large parking. During taking these photos was the vehicle only one year old.

The vehicle has an 8x4-drive line, where both rear axles are powered by a Scania DC13, a 13-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 368 kW (500 hp). Both front axles are steerable.

Behind the cabin is a large Fassi F2150RA.2.28 lorry crane with a load moment of 160 mt mounted. The crane can maximum lift 30 tonnes on a 4.75 meter radius, or 6.5 tonnes on a 19.4 meter radius. Once the hoist winch is used, is the crane able to lift maximum 20 tonnes, this is limited by the maximum amount of reevings.

With the L916 jib is the reach extended to 31 meters, the crane can still lift 1.675 tonnes there.

The outriggers next to the crane have a maximum width of 10.99 meters. At the rear of the chassis are another two outriggers mounted. A sharp vehicle of Hong Fa!


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