MAN TGA 26.430 - Wolf System

Wolf System and Wolf Haus are manufacturers of precast buildings and houses. For the transport and assembly are some vehicles available. The company has several locations in Europe. In the italian location in Campo di Trens (IT) is this special MAN TGA 26.430 in use.

It is a 6x4 trucks with the first and last axle driven. The driven front axle and the not-driven pusher axles are steerable. Powered is the truck by a 6 cylinder MAN D20 diesel engine with a 10.5 liter stroke that supplies here 430 hp.

Behind the cabin is a 54 mt Palfinger PK 56002 loading crane mounted. Between the crane and cabin is a large hydraulic oil tank for the crane mounted.

Between the first two axles are the muffles, battery and two airbarrels mounted. For enough stability for the crane are 6 outriggers on hand.

The Palfinger PK 56002 (in Performance G excecution) has a 25.1 meter jib with the two latest parts extendable by hand only. The max. capacity of the crane are 15.73 tonnes, on a 25 meter outreach are still 1.27 tonnes lifted. The loading crane of Wolf is used with a small winch.

Towed is a 3 axle Schwarzmüller semi low loader. Here on the move to the company.

At this side of the truck is the diesel tank made.

The outrigger base of the loading crane is in the front 8.5 meters wide.

A nice and interesting truck of Wolf!

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