MAN TGA 41.660 - Wiemann

To transport the first part of the counterweights and the outrigger pads of the Terex AC 350 of Wiemann, is this nice MAN TGA 41.660 with 5 axle flatbed trailer used.

It is a 4 axle truck with a V10 engine with a power of 660 hp. Remarkable is the heavy bumper to push transports.

Behind the cab is the big and nice tower mounted, with below a big fuel tank (1000 liter), in the middle airbarrels and an oil tank and on top the cooler for the WSK 440 torque converter. The tower is finished with the two sharp standing exhaustst.

The trailer is a 5 axle flatbed where on the counterweights and outrigger pads are loaded on. The manufacturer of the trailer isn'n known by me unfortunatelly.

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