MAN TGA 41.660 - Transbiaga

A MAN TGA 41.660 of Transbiaga from Ordizia (ES) with an 8 axle Goldhofer modular trailer stood parked at the border near to Venlo (NL).

MAN introduced the TGA series in 2000 and at the end of 2007 the successor, the TGX, was introduced. The biggest model, the TGA 41.660 is equipped with the famous V10 diesel engine. The engine has an 18 liter stroke and supplies 660 hp and has a 2,700 Nm torque. A heavy coupling is attached to the bumper to use the truck for pushing or braking of transports.

Behind the first axle are the intercooler of the WSK 440 torque converter, the battery and two air barrels mounted.

Behind the cabine is the large equipment tower made with the two recognizable exhausts made. At the bottom is the 1,000 liter dieseltank made, above are the hydraulic oil tank, a second intercooler for the torque converter, more air barrels and an additional cooling for the motor set up.

Attached is an 8 axle Goldhofer THP modular trailer, existing out of a goose neck, two 2 axle and a 4 axle module.

A very sharp combination!

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