MAN TGS 41.480 - Van Santen

Van Santen from Haarlem (NL) is using this sharp MAN TGS 41.480 with differnt trailers. The truck's year of manufactore is 2008.

It is a 4-axle heavy haulage truck with 8x4 drive line where both rear axles are powered by a MAN D2676, a 12.4-litre 6-cylinder diesel egnine with a power of 353 kW (480 hp).

This isn't a standard truck from the MAN factory anymore. The truck was supplied with a standard 8x4-chassis that was shortened by 70 cm by Wierda from Joure (NL). Wierda did also the installation of the equipment tower behind the cabin and lowered the cabin of the truck.

Over the lowered roof is it possible to load leader of piling rigs of booms of crawler cranes. Between the axles was only some space left for the compressed-air tanks.

Behind the cabin are the large storage compartments and the diesel tank installed.

On this side is behind the front axle the muffler installed. Flash lights are installed in front of the truck, to keep the roof as low as possible for any protruding cargos.

Attached is a 5-axle low loader in 1-bed-4 configuration.

The Nooteboom EURO-94-14(IFP) low loader has a 4.5 meter extendable bed and is in the Netherlands allowed to load cargos up to 65.5 tonnes.

The cargo is a modified Komatsu PC 350 LC of Cofra from Amsterdam (NL). This excavator is modified for the installation of vertical drainages into the ground. The rig is 3.85 meters wide and weights about 40 tonnes.

A very sharp and special combination by Van Santen!

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