MAN TGA 41.480 - Nosreti

This MAN TGA 41.480 of Nosreti from Ostrava (CZ) stood parked at the border near to Venlo (NL).

The 4 axle truck is powered by a MAN D28 12.6 liter engine, that supplies here 480 hp.

Between the first two axles are the battery and two airbarrels made, on the other side are here the muffler and a storage compartment made. An Adblue tank is missing, it is a Euro 3 vehicle. Short before the introduction of the TGX series, the TGA trucks became a new D26 engine with AdBlue technology, not many of them were supplied as the introduction of the TGX trucks started shortly after.

Behind the cabin is a large equipment tower made with a large diesel tank, below airbarrels, in front a smaller haydrauilic oil tank and on top some large storage compartments.

Attached is a 4 axle Goldhofer STZ low loader.

With this combination is is possible to transport goods up to a 49 tonne weight.

The green signboards on the cab means: "3" - Euro 3 vehicle and "L" - lärmarmes Kraftfahrzeug, this vehicle is allowed to drive at night in Austria.

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